New York Theatre

Mamma Mia!                Pepper/Ensemble        Broadway              Dir. Phyllida Lloyd

Hazel                            Mambo Alfonso           Theatre Lab and Readings

                                                                                                         Dir. Lucie Arnaz/Chor. Chet Walker

Solana                          Ensemble                    NYC Reading          Dir. Glenn Casale

Let Her Kick                 Sanborn                      NAAP                      Dir. Akane Ugaki       

Sheba                           Gospel Angel              NYMF/AMAS           Dir. Iona Morris

Mask                             Student/Biker              NYC Reading          Dir. Richard Maltby Jr.

Gerard Salvador:Straight Up     Solo Cabaret Duplex    

Friends with Benefits  Host/Producer            Metropolitan Room/Laurie Beeckman Theatre

Benefit Series for BC/EFA 

National Tours/Regional

Mamma Mia!                  Eddie                        Marriott Theatre      Dir. Rachel Rockwell

Hazel World Premiere    Mambo Alfonso         Drury Lane              Dir./Chor. Josh Bergasse

Mamma Mia!                  Pepper                      National Tour           Dir. Phyllida Lloyd

Fame                              Joe Vegas                 North Shore Music Theater

                                                                                                        Dir. Richard Stafford

The King & I                   LunTha                      Theatre By The Sea

                                                                                                        Dir. Judith Swift

HONK! U.S. Premiere    Ugly u/s                     Helen Hayes PAC    Dir. Gordon Greenberg

Sweeney Todd              Tenor (Quintet)          CAP21                      Dir. Jamie Rocco

The Music Man             Tommy Djilas             Sundance Theatre   Dir. John Ruocco

Dogeaters                      Various                     Sundance Theatre Lab

                                                                                                        Dir. Loretta Greco


Fabby Knows Best       Tito                            Stage 17

Citykids                         Featured                   Jim Henson Productions

Orange Appeal             Singer                       Nickelodeon

Big Help                        Various V. O’s           Nickelodeon


BFA in Drama from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University

Acting Alix Korey, Doug Moston, Pete Mattaliano, Eliza Ventura

Voice Richard Lissemore, Lynn Martindale

Dance Jazz Kerry Casserly, Steven Sofia Ballet Marilyn D’honau Tap Marcia Milgrom Dodge, Sharon Heller

Special Skills

Web Design, Mac OS and PC, licensed driver, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, various accents and dialects, piano

Gerard recently had the honor of stepping into a time machine and reliving a song from Honk! with its book writer and lyricist Anthony Drewe at NAMT's The 46th Minute concert